20th Century Works for Cello and Strings

… this is a useful and varied collection. There is no doubting Raphael Wallfisch’s commitment to this music, and his sonorous, focused playing makes the most of Lutoslawski’s intense accelerando and Hindemith’s concentrated mourning.

Maconchy’s Epyllion is a powerful work, and it’s powerfully played … the melodic lines are passionate and indefinably English in their modal contours … There’s also an English accent in Patterson’s Cello Concerto, with passion in the rich and interweaving lines of the opening slow movement, before a long cadenza leads to the virtuosic dance finale, which finds all players on their mettle. After that, the Jewish inflections of Kopytman’s Kaddish come from a different world, one which Wallfisch also inhabits with complete assurance.

Martin Cotton – BBC Music Magazine

… for anyone interested in an anthology of “20th Century Works for Cello and Strings” it is self-recommending … Wallfisch plays expressively throughout and the accompaniments sound well prepared.